Sunday, 27 March 2016

This Week #28

Don't ruin a good today because of a bad yesterday.
Life this Week

I was so low at the beginning of this week - my mobile phone contract was suspended on Monday because I hadn't been able to pay the bill, and it just felt like I was drowning in overdrawn notifications and demands for payment. But. I had a good cry, sucked it up, and asked my parents if I could borrow some money, and went back to see the doctor. 

I paid the gas bill, and the phone bill, and sent off the form to re-set up the direct debit for the Labour Party the bank cancelled for me. (It would be kind of awkward if I get in real arrears with that and get suspended from the group at work!) I felt so much less stressed after that, and I spent the rest of the week building on that by spring cleaning the house. 

There is a big pile earmarked for eBay now, and black bags full of stuff for the Cash4Clothes place. Hopefully I'll manage to make enough to pay my parents back so we can just stay on top of things then. Anthony has already sold off most of his Dr Who collection, so we have a replacement fridge-freezer coming in a fortnight. The heating is even working again too - everything is looking up!

The blog really came into its own this week. I was asked to review our local Table Table restaurant so we all (Anthony, Marianna, my mum and me) went for lunch there on Thursday, and it was so nice to be able to thank my mum for helping me out with money / cleaning / everything else this week in some small way.

This Week, I 'Ave Been Mostly...

☆ READING: The Little Girl Who Lost Her Voice. It's part of a really exciting new range of language learning resources for children, by One Third Stories.

☆ WRITING: Guide to British Music.

WATCHING: The Aliens on Channel 4. I'm really enjoying it!

☆ LISTENING: Fast Car - Jonas Blue ft Dakota.

☆ WEARING: My Athena bangle from Lucas Jack,

☆ EATING: Ice cream. :)

☆ REVIEWING: The Ashbridge Inn.

On the Blog

On Monday I posted a guide to the difference between follow and nofollow links, and my meme for the week was the Blogger Confessions tag. I also had a couple of guest posts go live this week; How Do You Do It? for Sons, Sand and Sauvignon, and a post for Occupation: Mother's Creative Mothers Series.


  1. Glad everythings looking up for you, get listing on ebay you'll be surprised how much you can make from things you don't need any more

    1. It is awesome, I've made about £75 so far. :)


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