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Blogging Calendar for December

Blogging Calendar - Holidays, Celebrations, Awareness Days, and Other Notable Occasions.

Throughout the year there are so many awareness days, commemorative days, special days, celebrations, holidays, observances, etc, etc. These can be great as blog post inspiration, or just for getting a bit of extra traffic to an existing post by promoting it as a tie-in.

Read on for a list of notable dates for December - if the day has its own website or wiki page, I've linked to it. A lot of the weirder ones are USA based unofficial 'national days'; I've included them in the list if they've crossed the pond, or had a fair number of media hits when I googled them.


Battle of the Sinop Day - Russia.
Bifocals at the Monitor Day.
Damrong Rajanubhab - Thailand.
Day of Restoration of Independence - Portugal.
 Day Without Art.
Eat a Red Apple Day - USA.
Feast for Death of Aleister Crowley - Thelema.
First President Day - Kazakhstan.
Freedom and Democracy Day - Chad.
Great Union Day - Romania.
Military Abolition Day - Costa Rica.
National Day- Myanmar.
Republic Day - Central African Republic.
Rosa Parks Day - Ohio + Oregon, USA.
Self-governance Day - Iceland.
Teachers' Day - Panama.
 World AIDS Day.


Armed Forces Day - Cuba.
International Day for the Abolition of Slavery.
National Day - Laos.
National Day - United Arab Emirates.
National Fritters Day - USA.


Advocate's Day - India.
Doctors' Day - Cuba.
 Make a Gift Day.
 Roof Over Your Head Day.
United Nations' International Day of Persons with Disabilities.


 Cab Franc Day.
 Dice Day.
 Eid il-Burbara.
 International Cheetah Day.
National Cookie Day - USA.
Navy Day - India.
St Barbara's Day.
Thai Environment Day - Thailand.
Tupou I Day - Tonga.
 Wear Brown Shoes Day.
 World Wildlife Conservation Day.


Bathtub Party Day.
Children's Day - Suriname.
 Day of Military Honour: Battle of Moscow - Russia.
 Discovery Day - Haiti + Dominican Republic.
 International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development.
 King's Birthday - Thailand.
 Klozum - Netherlands.
Ninja Day.
Repeal [of Prohibition] Day - USA.
 Sachertorte Day.
 St. Nicholas Eve.
World Soil Day.


Anniversary of the Founding of Quito - Ecuador.
Armed Forces Day - Ukraine.
Constitution Day - Spain.
Day of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technologies of Azerbaijan.
Independence Day - Finland.
 Miners' Day.
 Mitten Tree Day.
 Pawnbrokers' Day.
 Put On Your Own Shoes Day.
St. Nicholas Day - Christianity.
 White Ribbon Day - Canada.


Armed Forces Flag Day - India.
 Cotton Candy Day.
 Eve of the Immaculate Conception.
Flag Land Base Day - Scientology.
International Civil Aviation Day.
 Little Candles Day - Colombia.
National Heroes Day - East Timor.
National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day - USA.
 Quema del Diablo - Guatemala.
Spitak Remembrance Day - Armenia.
 World Letter Writing Day.


Battle Day - Falkland Islands.
Bodhi Day - Japan.
 Christmas on Campus - USA.
Constitution Day - Romania + Uzbekistan.
Day of Finnish Music - Finland.
Feast of the Immaculate Conception.
 Feast of Yemoja - Yoruba.
 Festival of Lights - Lyon, France.
Mother's Day - Panama.
National Brownie Day - USA.
National Youth Day - Albania.
 Pansexual/Panromantic Pride Day.
 Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day.
 St. Clement of Ohrid Day - Macedonia.


 Christmas Card Day.
Feast of the Immaculate Conception - Eastern Orthodoxy.
Independence Day - Tanzania.
 International Anti-Corruption Day.
 International Day of Veterinary Medicine.
National Heroes Day - Antigua + Barbuda.
National Pastry Day - USA.
Navy Day - Sri Lanka.
Remembrance for Egill Skallgrimsson - The Troth.
 Techno Day.


Alfred Nobel Day - Sweden.
Constitution Day - Thailand.
Human Rights Day.
 National Lager Day - USA.


Human Rights and Peace Day - Kiribati.
Indiana Day - USA.
 International Mountain Day.
 National Have a Bagel Day - USA.
 National Noodle Ring Day - USA.
 National Tango Day - Argentina.
Pampanga Day - Philippines.
Republic Day - Burkina Faso.


Air Force Day - Croatia.
Constitution Day - Russia.
Day of Neutrality - Turkmenistan.
Feast of the Apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe - Mexico.
 Gingerbread House Day.
Kanji Day - Japan.
Jamhuri Day - Kenya.
 Poinsettia Day.


Acadian Remembrance Day.
 Hot Cocoa Day.
National Day - Saint Lucia.
National Ice Cream Day -USA.
Pick a Pathologist Pal Day.
Republic Day - Malta.
Sailor's Day - Brazil.
 Saint Lucy's Day.
 Violin Day.


Alabama Day - Alabama, USA.
 Bouillabaisse Day.
Forty-Seven Ronin Remembrance Day - Japan.
Martyred Intellectuals Day - Bangladesh.
Monkey Day.
 Roast Chestnuts Day.


 2nd Amendment Day - USA.
Bill of Rights Day - USA.
Cat Herders Day.
 Homecoming Day - Alderney, Channel Islands.
International Tea Day.
 Koninkriksdag - Netherlands. (16th if the 15th is a Sunday)
National Cupcake Day - USA.
Remembrance Day of Journalists Killed in the Line of Duty.
Zamenhof Day - Esperanto Community.


Barbie and Barney Backlash Day.
 Chocolate Covered Anything Day.
Day of Reconciliation - South Africa.
National Day - Bahrain.
Victory Day of Bangladesh.


Accession Day - Bahrain.
International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers.
National Day - Bhutan.
National Maple Syrup Day - USA.
Pan American Aviation Day - USA.
Wright Brothers Day - USA.


 Arabic Language Day.
 Bake Cookies Day.
 International Migrants Day.
National Muffin Day - Brazil.
 Roast Suckling Pig Day.


Goa Liberation Day - Goa, India.
 Look For An Evergreen Day.
National Heroes and Heroines Day - Anguilla.
 Oatmeal Muffin Day.


 Games Day.
 Go Caroling Day.
National Sangria Day - USA.


 Crossword Puzzle Day.
 Don't Make Your Bed Day.
First Day of Winter - Various.
 Flashlight Day.
Humbug Day.
 International Dalek Remembrance Day.
 Look On The Bright Side Day.
National Hamburger Day - USA.
 Ribbon Candy Day.
 Short Story Day.


Armed Forces Day - Vietnam.
 Forefathers' Day - Massachusetts, USA. [23rd if it's a Sunday]
Mother's Day - Indonesia.
National Date Nut Bread Day - USA.
National Mathematics Day - India.
Teachers' Day - Cuba.
 Unity Day - Zimbabwe.


The Emperor's Birthday - Japan.
HumanLight - Humanism.
 Roots Day.


 Aðfangadagskvöld - Iceland.
 Christmas Eve.
Day of Military Honour: Siege of Ismail - Russia.
 Declaration of Christmas Peace - Finland.
 Feast of the Seven Fishes - Italian American Communities.
Independence Day - Libya.
 Julaften - Norway.
Juleaften - Denmark.
Mōdraniht - Anglo Saxon Paganism.
National Eggnog Day - USA.
Nittel Nacht - Jewish Orthodox.
 Nochbuena - Spanish Communities.


Children's Day - Various.
Christmas Day.
Constitution Day - Taiwan.
 Good Governance Day - India.
 Malkh Festival - Vainakh Mythology.
National Pumpkin Pie Day - USA.
Quaid-e-Azam's Day - Pakistan.
Takanakuy - Peru.


Boxing Day.
 Candy Cane Day.
Family Day - Vanuatu.
Independence and Unity Day - Slovenia.
 Kwanzaa begins.
St. Stephen's Day - Western Christianity.
 Thank You Note Day.
Thanksgiving - Solomon Islands. (27th if a Sunday)


Father's Day - Bulgaria.
 Make Cut-Out Snowflakes Day.
 Mauro Hamza Day - Houston, Texas, USA.
 Mummer's Day - Cornwall, UK.
National Fruitcake Day - USA.
St. Stephen's Day - Eastern Christianity.
 Visit The Zoo Day.
Wren Day - Ireland + Isle of Man.
 Zartosht No-Diso - Zoroastrianism.


 Card Playing Day.
Proclamation Day - South Australia.


 Pepper Pot Day.
Tick Tock Day.


 Bacon Day.
Day of the Declaration of Slovakia as an Independent Ecclesiastical Province.
Falling Needles Family Fest.
Freedom Day - Scientology.
National Bicarbonate of Soda Day - USA.
Rizal Day - Philippines.


 Bisperás ng Bagong Taón- Philippines.
International Solidarity Day - Azerbaijan.
 Make Up Your Mind Day.
National Champagne Day - USA.
 New Year's Eve.
 No Interruptions Day.
Ōmisoka - Japan.

Weeks and Months

 Food Service Safety Month.
 Human Rights Month.
Month of the Advent of Christ - Christianity.
 National Critical Infrastructure Protection Month - USA.
National Egg Month - USA.
National Fruit Cake Month - USA.
National Impaired Driving Prevention Month - USA.
National Pear Month - USA.
No Gender December.
 Tie Month.
Write a Business Plan Month.

Chalica - Unitarian Universalists. [Begins First Monday]


 Bartender Appreciation Day. [First Friday]
Farmer's Day - Ghana. [First Friday]
 Faux Fur Friday. [First Friday]
Gospel Day - Marshall Islands. [First Friday]
Small Business Saturday - UK. [First Saturday]
First Presidency's Christmas Devotional - Mormonism. [First Sunday]
Good Neighborliness Day - Turkmenistan. [First Sunday]
Sindhi Cultural Day. [First Sunday]
Advent Sunday - Christianity. [Fourth Sunday before Christmas Day]
Green Monday. [Second Monday]
National Tree Planting Day - Malawi. [Second Monday]
 Lost and Found Day. [Second Friday]
 Gingerbread Decorating Day. [Second Saturday]
 Shareware Day. [Second Saturday]
Gaudete Sunday - Christianity. [Second-final Sunday before Christmas]
 World Choral Day. [Second Sunday]
Chewidden Thursday - Cornwall, UK. [Thursday before Christmas]
National Regifting Day. [Thursday before Christmas]
 Black Friday - UK. [Friday before Christmas]
 Ugly Christmas Sweater Day. [Third Friday]
 Underdog Day. [Third Friday]
Super Saturday - USA. [Saturday before Christmas]
 National Honesty Day - Italy.[Sunday before Christmas]
 Christmas Sunday - Christianity. [Sunday after Christmas]
Feast of the Holy Family. [Sunday after Christmas]

Check out other months, HERE.

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