Sunday, 11 March 2018

This Week - March 11th

Llon llygod lle ni bo cath - When the cat's away the mice will play.
Life This Week

On Tuesday I went to a citizenship ceremony at the civic centre. There were three people affirming British citizenship, from Germany, South Africa, and the USA. One of the things being Mayor / Deputy really opened my eyes to was the diversity of places people come from to settle in Torfaen!

Then on Wednesday I took Marianna to a meeting of the Dementia Friends group at the Carers' Centre in Pontypool. I was asked to come along and find out more about the work does when we went to a fundraising event at Christmas. I learned a lot about the kind of provision available, and how the diagnosis process works.

I was off Thursday and planned to do some spring cleaning but I felt really out of sorts. By 6-ish I just gave in and went to bed... then by the early hours I was up being sick. I had two events scheduled for Friday afternoon but I had to ring and cancel because I just couldn't tear myself away from the bathroom. My mum came around and picked up Marianna for me, but Anthony - being Anthony - decided to go to the Cwmbran Community Council dinner anyway and left me to spend the night with my head down the toilet.

Saturday played out much the same, as did this morning. Fingers crossed it's over now though!

Photo of the Week
I spy Anthony living it up without me... xD

On the Blog

I reviewed Bad Mother Custom's 1/6 scale miniatures and wrote about Unique Names Day.

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