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This Week - March 25th

Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.
Life This Week

I had to get an emergency GP appointment on Monday and was diagnosed with a gastro bug, in all likelihood. I was given a sick note for the week and a bag full of drugs which thankfully did the trick! The doctor said I could go back to work sooner if I had 48 hours without being sick, so I went back on Thursday though I was still feeling kind of delicate.

We had the Pontypool Community Council KS2 Eisteddfod in the day and, I must confess, I took great joy in knowing how much (well, little) Anthony would be enjoying it. He's rubbish with anything to do with schools or kids, and this was a full day of poetry reciting, singing, and young children playing violin... I had a good time at any rate. It's amazing to see what these kids of just 8, 9, and 10 are capable of.

Marianna enjoyed it too, and spent most of it spinning around and showing off the glitter on her dress. Until she spilled orange juice all down it. After a quick pit stop at home and a change of dress for Marianna, I took her with me to the Duke of Edinburgh's Award presentations at Croesyceiliog School because Anthony had planning training in Pontypool. She was tired and crotchety by that point though, and I was halfway through the little speech I'd been asked to do when I look over and see her trying to play with the laptop being used as a projector. Cue losing my train of thought and finishing up in a lackluster hurry!

After that we went to see my dad because it was a birthday. Marianna drew him a picture of herself as a present. What more could anybody ask for?

On Friday we went to the opening of the Generation Games exhibition at Pontypool Museum. If you get chance pay it a visit - it really is so much fun! It's a display of games consoles from 1973 to the present day, and you can actually play on a lot of them.

This weekend I've just been catching up with my email and so on. If I owe you a reply, please trust that I'm (slowly) getting to it.

Photo of the Week

On the Blog

I posted a Blogging Calendar for March, listing special days, observances, etc, and the lowdown on Marianna's current obsession with mermaids. I also backposted a couple of posts to last year - a blogger q&a and a post about Primrose Day. Finally, I published a great guest post on healthy snacking on the go yesterday.

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