Friday, 5 July 2019

Friday Five: 1890s Films

Friday Five


Following on from last week's post on movies of the 1880s, this week we have five must see offerings from the 1890s...

#5. New Pillow Fight - Siegmund Lubin (1897)

#4. Come Along, Do! - Robert W. Paul (1898) This is one of the first examples of two separate scenes being used to create a narrative.

#3. The X-Rays - George Albert Smith (1897)

#2. Pauvre Pierrot - Charles-Émile Reynaud (1892) Some incredibly early animation!

#1. Le Diable au couvent - Georges Méliès (1888)

Méliès is the king of early cinema, end of story. He was an incredible innovator, an incredibly prolific producer, and the special effects he was able to pull off are still effective today. Sadly, many of his films are now lost... but that still leaves a catalogue of over 200 shorts!

For more like this, click the image below:
Friday Five

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