Thursday, 8 August 2019

31 Today!


Last year I did a 30 by 30 bucket list, so this year I'm switching it up and listing 31 things I've already accomplished. :)

#1. Became a Mum (to the best little girl in all the world!)

#2. Got Married.

#3. Shown some sticking power; this blog's coming up five years old now.

#4. Spoke in public - each and every time feels like a triumph over anxiety.

#5. Was Elected - three times!

#6. Blagged nearly £1000 worth of stuff through blogging.

#7. Briefly - very briefly - made it into the top 100 on Tots.

#8. Was voted in by my peers to serve two terms as chair of the children and young people scrutiny committee and three terms as chair of full council.

BabiaFi Mayor

#9. I was both the youngest and the last Mayor Torfaen ever had...

#10. Got into Cambridge

#11. Graduated from Cambridge - I really wasn't sure one would necessarily follow the other!

#12. Learned another language.

#13. Was in the newspaper.

#14. And on the radio.

#15. Even the telly for like 3.5 seconds.

#16. Got an A in GCSE maths. I worked so hard for that A; at mocks I didn't even get a pass.

#17. Won some prizes for creativity.

BabiaFi Heart

#18. In fact, I've won about £10k worth of stuff over the years. Comping for the win!

#19. Switched on the local Christmas lights.

#20. Was invited back to Cambridge to talk.

#21. And my old secondary school.

#22. Became chair of governors for my primary school.

#23. Served on the board of trustees of 20+ different organisations.

#24. Had more wacky hairstyles than hot dinners. (Almost.)

#25. Wrote three War and Peace's worth of fanfiction.

#26. Received fanmail.

#27. And fanart!

#28. Travelled outside the UK. More than once. (Just!)

#29. Officially opened not one, but two toilets.

#30. Did a ton of volunteering.

Community Champion Newspaper Article

#31. Kept on trucking...

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