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This Week - 04/08/2019

You Got This

M's staying at my mum's today so I'm trying to get a bunch of blog posts written for when we go away at the end of August. I made the mistake of deciding one would be a 'back to school playlist'. Not only is it taking forever cos, you know, being let loose on youtube without constant 'mum, I don't like this one!!!1!' but I let the insistent earworm that is Yn Yr Ysgol back into my life.

Damn S4C and their brainwashing methods...

In other news, I had my birthday present early this morning - Star Trek Uhura Barbie! She's so awesome except for the fact Mattel, in typical corner cutting cheapness, gave her an active body with fashion feet. Who does that? Ugh. I also had the S2 Liv Moore figure from Diamond Select. The figure itself is a bit naff, but the accessories are amazing (lab rat and brain!) and I plan on using the hands on one of my 1/12th scale Azone bodies.

I picked up Toy News yesterday and I swear the industry is just determined to part me from my money this autumn. There's this new line called Capsule Chix that has just launched; they're 1/12th scale with swappable articulated limbs and fashions that come blind boxed. I hate blind boxing but, on the other hand, articulated 1/12th bodies are always welcome. Hmmm.

The rainbow surprise line has released new fashion dolls too and they're so pretty! But stupidly expensive and blind boxed. Like, sure, blind box something that costs a £1. That's a cute surprise. Shelling out £50 and not getting the doll you wanted is not fun by any stretch of the imagination. :/

Also Kid Kreations have announced they're bringing Sindy back next year - I've got a post about them up HERE. This week I also blogged about my favourite films from the 1930s, my top ten must read doll blogs, a review of KUKLA Fashion doll clothes, a guide to Mattel's Enchantimals, and a list of 200 business offering free paper and print samples.

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