Friday, 1 November 2019

Five Halloween Cartoons

Friday Five


#5. Swing You Sinners

I dunno what the Fleischer Brothers were smoking in 1930, but this was definitely the result of it!

#4. Minnie the Moocher

Betty Boop and Bimbo run away from home in 1932 then take significant amounts of those hallucinogenic drugs. At least that's my take on how they come to be serenaded by a ghost walrus while ghosts relive their experience in the electric chair...

#3. The Haunted House

Mickey Mouse gets more than he bargained for while sheltering from a storm! Released on December 2nd 1929, it reuses animation from The Skeleton Dance which had premiered that August.

#2. Spooks

Flip the Frog had his own turn in the haunted house in 1932. (Flip, all but forgotten today, was Ub Iwerks' first solo project after falling out with Disney in 1930.) The similarities run deeper than subject matter - Iwerks was the primary animator on Disney's The Haunted House and animated almost all of The Skeleton Dance himself.

#1. The Skeleton Dance

First of the Silly Symphonies series, Disney's The Skeleton Dance - released in August 1929 - is a masterpiece. (And creepy enough that the Danish censors banned it for being too macabre!)

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Friday Five

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