Friday, 15 November 2019

Five Catchy Jingles

Friday Five


TV advertising arrived in the UK in 1955 and the accompanying jingles have been burrowing deep into our brains ever since...

#5. Shake n' Vac

Glade's Shake n' Vac hit stores in 1979 though, thanks to strike action at ITV, the ad didn't make it onto screens until 1980. Jenny Logan reprised her role as the original Shake n' Vac dancer in 2010, but many others picked up the slack over the years. YouTube has ads from 1982, 19881989, and way too many people conducting their own re-enactments!

#4. Club

Club launched in Ireland prior to WW1 and quickly won over Irish and British tastebuds alike. The 'if you like a lot of chocolate on your biscuit' jingle first aired in the early 1970s and in 2012, according to Wikipedia, it was voted the seventh catchiest jingle ever in the UK.

#3. Um Bongo

Nestlé introduced Um Bongo in 1983, expanding into Portugal in 1988 where it proved popular enough for Portugese company Compal to acquire the brand in 2003. There's now a full length version of the tune, complete with cool animated vid, though your chances of finding anybody drinking it in the Congo remain minimal at best!

#2. Milkybar

Nestlé's Milkybar, known as Galak across most of Europe, has been around since 1936. The Milkybar Kid was introduced in 1961 and has been extolling the goodness / good taste in the bar ever since...

#1. McDonalds

It's been off the air for decades but the 'Makes Your Day' campaign is still a classic. And hella catchy!

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Friday Five

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