Sunday, 27 September 2020

This Week - 27/09/2020

Same Shit Different Day.

My overall impression of this week is that it has sucked. I've not felt well and I suppose that has just made everything feel worse than it actually is. It looks like Torfaen will be going into local lockdown within the next week or two, confirming that the first wave might as well never have happened for all we collectively learned from it about spread and r-rates. Sigh.

We had a virtual primary school governors meeting on Tuesday which was fairly reassuring, and though I was kind of hoping otherwise I was voted back in as chair. Marianna was getting restless towards the end, and it is tough going to concentrate on anything when a five year old is prodding you in the ribs and demanding your immediate attention. I'm finding it tough to keep up with lots of things at the moment, to be honest, but at least it has convinced me I'm making the right decision by standing down as chair of council / education committee at the AGM next month.

I've asked to come off the housing association board too. I'm just... not coping well right now and it seems sensible to focus on a few things (school governors, case work, committee attendance) rather than continue to spread myself thin over a lot of obligations.

Aside from work I've been trying to do more crafts and fun activities with Marianna. I made a little more progress on the 1/12 scale doll house too; I put up a few sheets of wallpaper, and successfully separated the Pippa kitchen cabinet into two pieces with only minimal blood drawn! For the blog I've been (very) slowly working on a post on children's television of the 1940s. Expect to see lots of puppets heading your way soon...

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