Sunday, 13 September 2020

This Week - 13/09/2020

I'm going to succeed because I'm crazy enough to think I can.

So Marianna has been off all week with a cold. We gave her a coronavirus test on Monday and got the results she was clear late Wednesday. She could have gone back Friday but asked not to until Monday and, really, at this point I'm inclined to let her have some autonomy on whether she wants to be there or not. 

As we couldn't go out I finally unboxed the 1/12 scale doll house I bought five years ago. I've laid all the carpets, done some wallpapering, and have even glued a couple of walls into place. In the 1/6 scale house I've been adding finishing touches from Machine Gun Figures, and putting in my new windows by Butterfly Family.

In non-miniature news I've backdated a fair number of posts now to fill up the blank summer months, and been kind of fascinated by the story of Jessica Krug, the US university professor who admitted to lying to everyone throughout her academic career. I wrote up a whole post about other examples I found this week.

Closer to home, planning committee turned down the application for a new Lidl supermarket on Thursday which I'm glad about. As I said in my written objections, I'm not against the idea of the store, even, it's just the stupidity of putting the entrance on St. David's Road. It is busy and dangerous already, and will only become more so when the new sixth form college opens in January. I don't know whether the decision will be upheld at the inevitable appeal hearing, but at least it's off the cards at the moment...

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