Sunday, 6 September 2020

This Week - 06/09/2020

The Future is Unwritten.

The main news this week was Marianna going back to school. I'm still uncertain about the wisdom of it, but she has been so lonely and miserable I figured it was the better evil at this point. She has only been in two days so far but the change in her temperament is already really noticeable. 

Of course that made it inevitable that she should spend all last night coughing. In the cold light of day I can joke about it and recognise that is probably just a cold, but last night I was a bit of a wreck because if it is coronavirus it is entirely my fault for sending her back to the petri dish of full time education. We rang up for a test earlier - the process was every bit as poorly organised as I imagined it would be, can't lie - and now just have to wait and see. The cough is much better today and her temperature has come down, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

In other news, I'm finally on the home stretch with the 1/6 scale doll house. I've got one room that still needs serious work, but the rest is mostly just finishing touches. I even made some furniture from scratch this week; I went through my box of bits of wood / plastic and made a 1/8 scale bunkbed for the nursery. I was really pleased with how it turned out!

Licca Chan

Beyond that the most interesting thing I've done this week is watch a bunch of new (to me) BBC documentaries. The Evel Knievel Storyville one - I knew basically nothing about the guy and was kind of blown away by how OTT his story really was - and a load of stuff from the history category. The real problem is that it doesn't update often enough; I'm back to the usual 'seen it all' situation now. :/

Deal of the Week -

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This week I've posted a Little Shop masterlist, along with a post about Australia's version by Coles. Plus a Mini Mart post on Etsy shop dorokeki, a Friday Five on guilty pleasure TV shows, and a post about Marianna's first day back at school. I finished off with a Christmas / Birthday present ideas list for Marianna. There are only 109 days to go!

Song of the Week -

Easy Lover - Philip Bailey and Phil Collins

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