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This Week - 16/05/2021

The Future Starts Today

This week has been kind of boring on an individual level. Various online meetings, trips to the park, UFO research... same old, same old. There was some good news politically though. Drakeford has appointed Torfaen's MS, Lynne Neagle, as minister for mental health and wellbeing - it's great to see it being taken so seriously at such a senior level. 

Drakeford has also committed to running a pilot for a UBI (universal basic income) scheme, and said the UK needs to reconsider the future of devolution. :)

Back home, my very first order from Shein arrived! I was seriously impressed with it. The clothing was much better quality than I expected for the price - I paid £87.50 including shipping for 2 longline cardigans, 2 jumpers, 2 t-shirts, a scarf, 2 necklaces, stickers, 2 headbands, 3 pairs of earrings, and 10 pin badges - and it was all packaged really nicely too. So, yeah, if you're on the fence about ordering from there, I wholeheartedly recommend the place.

I have almost completed my wardrobe update now. Basically I just wanted clothing that made me happy, so it's been out with the dull and the sensible and in with colour. Rainbow cardigans, fluffy cloud jumpers, slouchy pastel t-shirts, 50s style circle skirts... It's already been making a huge difference to my mood. 

And my productivity. I spent a lot of time this week working on UK media coverage of UFOs and aliens in the 1950s. It's really interesting to see how the phenomena goes from, well, this is something that could very well be real and ought to be explored by science, to it's utterly ridiculous and the only people who believe are little kids or weirdos in the space of a few short years.

On the blog I posted a guide to Dream Seekers dolls, some thoughts on the proposed new Voter ID scheme, and scans of another Just Seventeen magazine. I wrote up the Welsh UFO sightings for 1989, and started a media timeline of UFO mentions in the UK during the 1950s.

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