Sunday, 19 September 2021

This Week - 19/09/2021

Chan eil tuil air nach tig traoghadh - There isn't a flood which will not subside.

It was pretty busy this week with the usual crop of online meetings and, for the first time in ages, a couple of actual face to face events. On Monday I had a school governors' meeting at Croesyceiliog Secondary, then on Tuesday we had a planning visit to the British site in Talywain. 

Apart from work, I've been busy with all the regular tasks - listing stuff on ebay, scanning a bunch of magazines, getting on with research, etc, etc. I've finally decided to start a blog series on all the cases I've collected of people who have drowned in the local stretch of the Mon & Brec canal. Apparently 'normal' people think the topic very morbid, but it's not as if I've ever worried about that!

I just think it's amazing how you can have a tiny little newspaper report consisting of a sentence or two, and from that you can trace a person's whole life, discover where they lived, who their family were, if they had any other newspaper appearances, etc. We all need a hobby, I guess... xD

In other news I made a start on the Christmas shopping. I've been getting bits throughout the year so I don't have too much to do; just Marianna's presents for the most part. Of course I had to arrange it so she was born on New Year's Day so once I've trawled the net for Christmas gifts it starts all over again for birthday pressies. I'm keeping an online note of what I'm getting HERE.

On the blog I posted a guide to the new Crystalina fairy dolls, Let It Rock magazine, and Welsh UFO sightings of 1999. I also posted scans of the first issue of Kicks magazine from November 1981 and the first entry in a new series on people who have drowned in the Mon & Brec canal.

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The Prune Song - Frank Crumit

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