Sunday, 18 October 2015

This Week #5

Happiness is always an inside job.

On Monday Marianna and I went to Barry Island with my parents. It was the first time Marianna had seen the sea! You can read about the day HERE. Tuesday I had planning committee, and then did the food shopping at Lidl instead of Aldi. It was quite a novel experience, which suggests I really do need to get out more. Wednesday was so uninteresting I literally cannot remember anything about it.

I had a couple of meetings on Thursday, then on Friday Marianna and I went over to star in the Cwmbran's Urban Buzz video. More on that when it goes live next week! Marianna stayed over my mum's on Friday night so we had a really fun evening catching up with Louise and Mark. It was great to speak to other adults about something other than babies!

On Saturday I slept in late while Anthony cracked on with painting the hall and the stairwell. Now that's the life, eh?

Guantanamo Baby
"Locked up for the crime of terrorism against the state of my mental health."
- So read Anthony's Facebook status on Thursday after he put the fireguard together.

☆ READING: Trashy magazines. I bought a couple last week to read on the train back from Cardiff. Actually got round to them this week.

☆ WRITING: I wrote up my thoughts on the proposed Hinkley C nuclear power station in 5 Reasons To Say No To Hinkley C.

WATCHING: We watched Scream for the first time since I was about ten and it is so much more ridiculous than I remembered.

☆ LISTENING: PoP! Goes My Heart by PoP!, the greatest 80s anthem that never existed.

☆ WEARING: Leggings with skirts - warmer than tights.

☆ EATING: We tried out the newly reopened McDonalds. It tasted exactly the same but the restaurant is looking much swankier.

☆ FEELING: Annoyed with myself. I was doing really well with my CSP (picking the skin on my finger), then I was stressed last week and started all over again - it looks awful now.

I spent way too long formatting a scanned copy of Photo-Love from April 1979, reviewed Purple Parrot 1/12 scale miniatures and blogged about the difference between BHC and AHC poverty.

Yesterday I did the 30 Days of TV Blog Challenge. I love those things!


  1. I really want to go visit Barry Island :) Must visit next year..

    Thanks for stopping by the weekend blog hop...

    1. I hadn't been for years and I was really impressed, it's looking great :)

  2. HE HE i remember watching scream years ago too and it seemed so scary then, i haven't seen it in years and bet it seems so old now. I pick the skin on my finger too and make the side of only one of my finger so sore! Thank you for linking up with #anythinggoes

    1. It really does - I remember thinking the main character's blonde friend was so so cool. Rewatching it was a real eyeopener on 90s faashion... :D I keep trying to give it up, but I always go back to it. It's kind of like playing with a loose tooth...


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