Thursday, 31 March 2016

10 Signs You Know You're a Blogger

You Know You're a Blogger When...

Clare over at Emmy's Mummy has started a new blogging meme. Regular readers - who might remember the epic list of memes I posted a while ago - will know that I can never resist such temptation. So, without further ado, here are my ten signs you know you're a blogger:

You can't open anything without taking a photograph of it in its box first.

☆ You find waiting for domain authority updates almost as nail biting as waiting for exam results.

☆ You know what domain authority is.

☆ You spend more time working on your 'pinnable image' than you do on writing the actual post.

☆ You always wanted to learn a new language, you just didn't think it would be markup.

☆ Checking your blog email turns into three hours glued to your laptop.

☆ You have profiles on social media networks you can't even pronounce - every backlink counts!

☆ You have nightmares about Canva going down.

☆ Your friends and family glaze over at the first mention of the word 'blog'.

☆ People say 'I know' when you tell them something new - 'I read it on your blog!'

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  1. Spot on! Especially creating the pinnable image and Canva going down. I've had it go down before and was at a loss as to what to do with myself.

    1. Canva went down the other night when I was trying to get a post ready and I just kept refreshing it, pathetically hoping for it to come back before I had to look for another editor!

  2. i love this as a new blogger its so me! whats canva ? :)

    1. is brill, it's an online graphic design tool x

  3. Very very true - thanks for join in!
    It seems the new language I learnt through blogging is coding, ok very basic but it makes more sense than French that's for sure

    1. Hehe, I could never get my head around French! x


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