Sunday, 10 February 2019

This Week - 10/02/2019

The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you.

This week was quite varied: I had primary school governors at Maendy and education scrutiny committee, looking at the EAS business plan. (You can see the webcast HERE.) I took my own laptop in just because there's more screen space - Marianna's lovely decoration of dog stickers are just visible in the webcast - but I realised now I've got my glasses I didn't really need to. I'm still at the stage where I'm marvelling at the difference in what I can see!

On Friday I took Marianna to Cardiff to go and see the space exhibition before it closed this weekend. They had Tim Peake's capsule and spacesuit on display, and another you could have a photo with - I had to hold Marianna up for hers while some kindly passerby snapped it for me. After that we wandered around all the shops a princess obsessed four-year-old is drawn to, from Lush to Debenhams' perfume department. We spent ages in Smiggle deciding what to buy in the sale; in the end we had to have a pencil case each, plus scented unicorn BFF slapbands! :)

Cardiff Museum Tim Peake Exhibition

Over on the blog I've been continuing our quest for the perfect subscription box with a review of the Mister Maker Craft Box, and the awesome Treasure House kids' clothing swapshop. I also posted my top ten tracks of the month, and a guide to making money from your receipts with a handful of smartphone apps.

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