Sunday, 17 February 2019

This Week - 17/02/2019

I am prepared for the worst, but hope for the best

This week started so badly that the only way to go was up! Marianna cut her lip open after some creative bed bouncing, so we spent six hours in A+E to have stitches put in. The upshot of that was Marianna having the week off nursery and wanting 100% attention 100% of the time. It seems to be healing well, but it still looks awful and trying to get her to put lip balm on or anything to stop her lips drying out is a constant battle.

Workwise there wasn't much to report, after I'd missed a couple of meetings to be at the hospital. I did have PSB (Public Services Board) Scrutiny Committee - you can watch the webcast HERE - and various bits of casework. There was a Labour Party quiz night fundraiser on Friday; I couldn't make it but Anthony went and has yet to stop gloating over how he won the quiz...

Meanwhile I made a start on Marianna's bedroom while she was staying at Anthony's parents'. The lack of space in there has reached critical levels so I spent four hours putting her new desk together. Marianna wanted a make-up table but after much searching - and number crunching! - I went with this computer desk I found new on ebay for £64.99 with free delivery.

Saturday was just me painting, endlessly painting, because Marianna decided she wanted the room candyfloss pink. Wilkinsons only had one tin in, so I'm only about halfway so far. Still, I moved the furniture about, took the door off the built in cupboard, and sorted through her epic amounts of junk. Next weekend it will just be more painting and then ordering her new bed / playhouse. I'll do a full post on the transformation when it's finished.

On the blog this week I reviewed Friction Free Shaving, the razor subscription service, and collabed with Jana Reinhardt Jewellery to run a giveaway for a hummingbird necklace.

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