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This Week - 28/07/2019

Make This Day Great!

My main feelings about this week is that it has been far too hot!! On Monday we went to town to start Marianna off on the summer reading challenge at Cwmbran Library. The prize this year is a £100 Smyths voucher so I'll be making sure she completes it and has a chance at winning. :D We also went to look around Tiger, The Entertainer - Marianna wanted the Bo Peep doll from Toy Story 4 - and Smiggle. Anthony even bought me a new shiny purse with unicorns on. It must be love.

Tuesday was another full council meeting - you can watch the webcast HERE. I tried again to go paperless but it still wasn't much of a success. I knocked my tablet on the floor at one point, and at another couldn't get to lock to tablet mode rather than laptop. Sigh. It'll get there.

Wednesday was the start of Council recess which runs concurrent with the school holidays. On the one hand it's amazing if you have kids. On the other, by the end of summer you feel like you haven't had an adult conversation in years... Still, out came the paddling pool and the bubbles and the play-doh, etc, etc.

We've already watched what feels like 12 hours of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures too. We did manage to see Hotel Transylvania 3 on Friday night though which was pretty funny, and last night I watched The Haunting of Sharon Tate with Hilary Duff as Tate. It's kind of weird seeing her outside a rom-com and the reviews weren't lying - it's bad. But, maybe not as unremittingly awful as they make out. It had a plenty passable made-for-TV vibe and at least we get the satisfaction of seeing what we all wish had happened: the Manson family getting their evil asses handed to them...

On the blog this week I've written about Mattel's WWE Superstars Fashion Dolls, July's Japan Candy Box, my favourite 1920s films, and how you can watch a ton of movies this summer without paying a penny.

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