Sunday, 7 July 2019

This Week: 07/07/2019

Live, Breathe, Create

I was off a few days together this week so I finally got around to the housework that needed doing. Which was, yeah, just about all of it. I spent the whole of Tuesday gardening too - half of my nemesis, the hedge in the front garden, is now gone! Only the other half left to get rid of... Still, the end is in sight at last.

Monday and Wednesday were punctuated by school governor meetings at Croesy Secondary. I've been asked to give a 15 minute speech as part of their lower school writing festival next week too and I'm already nervous. Just, gah, a whole hall full of teenagers. Fingers crossed it will be fine! The only problem is that the more I go there, the more weird dreams I have that I'm back at school myself. I dreamed I had to sit exams the other night and no amount of explaining that I already had a job and a baby could get me out of them...

Yesterday we went litter picking in Upper Pontnewydd before advice surgery. Marianna was her usual wilful self, determined to wield the picker. It was quite sweet watching her though, and her chest was all puffed out with pride when some passersby told her what a good girl she was being. :)

After that it was an afternoon of laundry and suffering through Barbie's Dream House Adventures. *sigh*

On the blog this week I've posted about the new Wild Hearts Crew dolls from Mattel, the Co-Op crisp recycling scheme, 100 places you can get free tile samples from, and my top five films of the 1890s. Moving into the 1900s I don't know whether to do five for each decade or each year. The latter could keep me going forever...

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