Sunday, 22 September 2019

This Week - 22/09/2019

Be Brilliant

Marianna has given me the inevitable back to school cold, so my head has felt like it's stuffed full of cotton wool all week. :/ Still, I've been busy rearranging and organising stuff; I feel an IKEA shop coming on... We've been trying to get into a good routine too, now Marianna's at school.

Monday - Party Night, aka playing music and having sandwiches for tea.
Tuesday - Walking Molly Night.
Wednesday - Park Night, aka an hour at a play park of Marianna's choice.
Thursday - Craft Night. We had a Toucan Box this week.

Friday - Library and 'Old McDonalds'.
Saturday - Unplanned.
Sunday - Movie Night.

Hmmm, trying to think of anything else out of the ordinary we did... On Wednesday all the reception parents were invited into school to have lunch with their kids. It inspired me to go googling about school dinners around the world - there are some way out lunch options out there!

I won a Dr Who 50th Anniversary CD which Anthony immediately stole as his own. He has succeeded in brainwashing Marianna into the fandom to the point she asked for today to be a 'Dr Who Day' where we watch episodes from each Doctor's tenure. Two/Jamie remain my faves. <3

Two and Jamie

On the blog I've posted a guide to Monsieur Z dolls, a miniature giveaway, how to put a blogger rates sheet together, and my top five films of the 1990s.

Song of the Week -

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