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This Week - 07/03/2021

We'll Get Through It

Marianna lasted six days back in school before coming down with a bad enough cold to stay home. She complained of a bad belly on Thursday morning but I figured she just didn't want to go to school... When we got to the gate though her teacher said six kids had already rang in sick that morning and I'd probably be better off just taking her home. 

So I did.

Of course Thursday had to be full council day. The meeting lasted about four hours, complete with the door knocking, Marianna complaining, the dog barking, next door hammering, etc, etc, etc. All I can say is that it's a big relief I'm not chairing anymore!

The main part of the meeting was deciding on the council tax rate for 21/22. It went up 3.95% which is about £1 extra a week for a band D. Most of the authorities in Gwent went for a similar figure - it's basically one of those necessary ills of the modern world. (I've reached the point where I'm thinking true, decisive change to the tax system is only going to happen with Welsh independence.) If you're struggling to pay though you can get a reduction or full dispensation, depending on circumstances.

I just looked up the page for that and apparently we're now actually eligible for council tax reduction. Anthony gets carer allowance for my dad but aside from that it's just my wage coming in (c. £14,000). I still feel guilty for cutting my hours - and pay - down to basic backbencher level from late last year, but it's definitely made a huge difference to my mental health. I've been comping more and flogging anything we don't use on ebay to make up the shortfall a bit so, touch wood, it's not biting too bad at the moment. 

Last month I won a digital iParcelbox. Working from home means we won't use it so I sold it and bought a sideboard for the living room with the proceeds. I've wanted one for ages and I'm really pleased with it. 

On the blog I posted a guide to Florence Joyner dolls, a Mini Mart review of Neil Carter Miniatures, scans of the 1990 Sindy catalogue, my financial report for last month, and a list of Welsh UFO sightings from 1970. I also posted a round up of short reviews of the books I read last month - along with a book giveaway. :)

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How Can We Be Lovers - Michael Bolton

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