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This Week - April 29th 2018

Holy Hole In A Donut!
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Life This Week

I can't believe the weather was so nice and summery last weekend, yet this week it's been grey and miserable all over again. I was planning to tackle the garden as I had a couple of days off at the beginning of the week. Needless to say the garden remains as much of an eyesore as ever.

There was only one Mayoral engagement this week - the Chair of Pontypool Community Council's charity concert at Abersychan School on Thursday. It was a lovely night and I even won a raffle prize. When I became Mayor everybody said to me that I would win loads of raffle prizes, half because the chains are lucky and half because of the sheer amount of tickets I would be buying.

They were lying.

Since last May I've only won two raffle prizes. I've certainly bought enough tickets so it must just be my luck that is wanting!

The other thing I've been focusing on this week is getting the raffle and quiz prizes sorted for my own charity quiz night next Friday. I think the selling point should be 'everybody wins a prize' there are so many of them. If you can make it, please do come along - tickets are £2 at the door and all proceeds will be going to the Mayor's charity appeal. At the end of the civic year I'll be splitting the funds three ways between Torfaen Mind, Cyfanol Women's Aid, and Lincoln's Legs.

In honour of it being held on May 4th there will also be a bonus Star Wars round. I've got a bladebuilders set for the winners.

Photo of the Week
Quiz Night Poster

On the Blog

It's been a week of ups and downs with the blog. I had an email from Feedspot to tell me I'd made their list of the 100 Top Parenting Blogs - #52 - but then in the Tots100 update I slipped 50 places to #153. I was really disappointed with that as I'd hovered around the #115 mark all last year when I was only posting once or twice a month.

Anyway, my posts for the week included a review of MforMiniatures for my Mini Mart series, a round up of my most listened to tracks in April, the 30 Days of Doctor Who blogging challenge, and a post about Louis Le Prince - the inventor of the motion picture camera - and his mysterious disappearance.

Yesterday I celebrated Save The Frogs Day with a post about the Top Ten Frogs of the Silver Screen. :)

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