Sunday, 8 April 2018

This Week - April 8th

It's not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me.
Life This Week

Touch wood, I've not been sick again this week. Hopefully the pills plus being careful about what I'm eating have finally cracked it. I didn't have much on workwise, what with it being half term, so I've spent a lot of the week sorting and organising.

On Wednesday I spent the day going through mine and Marianna's wardrobes - and the storage bags in the airing cupboard - which resulted in three black bags full of stuff to take to Cash 4 Clothes, and another bagful I listed on Ebay. (You can find my listings HERE.) There is still no room in any of the cupboards though, so you'd never know it!

Hmm, really struggling to think of interesting stuff we did this week... On Friday morning Marianna came up to the civic centre with me so I could be interviewed by the South Wales Argus about my time as Mayor. It inspired me to blog about my other appearances in the local paper which I had planned to do throughout my time as Mayor... That's what the backdate function was made for though, right?

Photo of the Week
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On the Blog

On Monday I reviewed some ACEO from Gweddus Art for my Mini Mart series, and on Tuesday I posted a bunch of editorial calendar ideas for April. Wednesday saw my book reviews for March - plus a giveaway for The New Teacher by Dominique Demers.

Then I shared my Top Ten Mermaid Movies on Thursday, and a post about Instagram hashtags for parent bloggers on Friday. Finally, yesterday I jotted down some ideas for redecorating our living room this summer.

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