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This Week - 15/03/2020

Today: Good Vibes

There were quite a lot of meetings on this week: an extraordinary council meeting on the LDP (webcast link), children and young people committee looking at the possibility of merging youth, play and sports development services (webcast link), and visioning - aka deciding on the forward work programme - for Public Services Board Scrutiny and the School Standards Monitoring Sub-Committee.

On Monday we had the public announcement that Croesyceiliog Secondary School has been put back in special measures by Estyn, so there was a governors' meeting on Tuesday evening to appoint an interim head. The school does face challenges, don't get me wrong, but the biggest issue was a lack of stable leadership - Mr. Taylor was planning on retiring but then suffered a bad accident early this year, so it went from 'soon we'll have to look for a new head' straight to 'eep, emergency!' Once the interim head is in place and starts getting to grips with things, especially now the constant disruption of the build is over, it shouldn't take long for it to start looking up.

Mostly this week has just been coronavirus panic though. I still can't decide whether other countries are over-reacting or we're being stupidly brazen. I haven't even made my mind up whether I'm going to send Marianna to school this week or not. One minute I think the best thing to do is follow government advice and let us get the virus over with, then the next I'm terrified that a bunch of people I wouldn't trust to organise a pi**-up in a brewery are just playing russian roulette with my family's lives.

If the virus mutates to start impacting badly on kids, it doesn't even bear thinking about. And even if it doesn't, my parents and extended family are all high risk so we'll be essentially agreeing not to see them for weeks. So little is known about it and I keep thinking about the figures for Spanish flu - about a quarter of the UK population (c. 11million in 1918) caught it and 228,000 died from it, giving a death rate of about 2.1%. The govt now wants 60% of the population to get coronavirus (c. 40million) which at a S. Korea death rate of 0.7% means about 270,000 fatalities.

At an Italian death rate of 5% that's 1.9 million fatalities.

Just, yeah, it blows the UK's experience of Spanish flu completely out of the water. And South Korea has the more robust testing regime, sure, but is Italy's experience the result of a stronger strain or less testing allowing mild cases to fly under the radar? We just don't know. :/

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On the blog I posted guides to Madame Alexander SpacePOP and Mego's Laverne and Shirley dolls. I also blogged about coronavirus, my five favourite Sanrio characters, and my Mother's Day gift guide for 2020.

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Working Man - Rush

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