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This Week - 22/03/2020

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So last week I wasn't sure if it was just my anxiety or if the govt really were making a hash of things. The swift policy u-turn pretty much cleared that up! I'm glad we took Marianna out of school early to reduce the risk.

Monday and Tuesday are just a blur in my memory, I was so freaked out and panicky. On Wednesday I kind of pulled myself together again and don't feel too bad now. I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for Thursday, so they took it over the phone and agreed to give me a month's supply of anti-depressants. I thought I might get three months' worth as that was the Welsh Govt guidance I was seeing, but I suppose the worries about people OD-ing, etc, don't go away.

Work wise, I've had a few meetings by teleconference for the first time this week. It makes me feel like some hotshot business type from an 80s movie, lol. All I need now is a decent pair of shoulder pads!

Marianna said to me yesterday that the days seem longer without school. Yes. Yes, they do. I've stocked up on craft kits and workbooks to keep us going because The Book People were having a closing down sale, and Poundtoy had a good clearance section this week. Anthony's mum dropped off lots of stuff from The Works after work on Friday too. It's going to be a long few months, all the same.

Hmmm, what else? Watching the panic buying news freaked me out big time last weekend so I put an online order in with Iceland. They delivered within two days and only flaked on three items (spray cleaner, soap, and hash browns). Rhys says his freezers (Morrisons) have been totally cleared every day this week, but deliveries of fresh food are still stable so I'm not too worried on that score.

Just gotta take things one day at a time, I guess.

Deal of the Week -

15% off at poundtoy with referral link / code

On the blog we reviewed So Slime DIY's sweet shop set,, and posted doll guides for Lisa Frank Fab Friends and Mattel's 1978 range for Mork and Mindy. For Friday Five I wrote about my favourite Hanna-Barbera characters, and on coronavirus I did a post on the benefits of TV learning.

Song of the Week -

Don't Stand So Close To Me - The Police

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