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This Week - 29/03/2020

Don't Exist - Live

What a week! Last Friday it was perfectly safe (allegedly) to send your child to school - today the country's on lockdown.

Marianna and I self-isolated for the week because I felt like I was coming down with a cold. Turns out it was just a cold as I've not developed a cough or had a high temperature. (I've scarcely managed to break 36°C.) On Saturday we went out for a walk for the first time and dropped off a pot Marianna had made for my mum and dad. We returned weighed down with enough chocolate to sink a ship after M complained I had refused to stockpile for her sweet tooth...

The worst part of the week - worse than feeling utterly useless as other councillors deliver food and stuff, and worse than trying to dream up ways to fill hours of home schooling - has definitely been seeing Marianna scared and upset. She keeps asking who she'll live with if we die, and whether or not it will hurt to die from coronavirus. :( We did clapping for the NHS from her bedroom even because she was freaking out we'd die if we went out on the doorstep, complete with the likely timescale.

We watched the Operation Ouch Q&A a few times but by Friday I decided we'd just avoid the news and live TV so she doesn't see it. I mean, I don't want to simply pretend it's not happening, but at five there's only so much of it she can understand and she's absorbing everything she hears about it like a sponge.

In other news I started a new Kindle Unlimited subscription for a distraction. I've got a bunch of UFO books and some true crime lined up ready to read this week. Anthony's been applying for jobs with all the supermarkets as most are taking on at the moment, so fingers crossed on that score. Despite Natwest so very kindly - heh - charging just 19.89% APR on overdrafts until June it's still an absolute imperative to get out of it ASAP.

Deal of the Week -

15% off at poundtoy with referral link / code

On the blog I wrote a guide to Kerusso's God's Girlz dolls as well as posts about Marianna's Sindy Surprise House, and my five favourite fashion trends.

I've also been updating a rundown of Torfaen's temporary services every day and put together a list of 50 free Welsh language resources.

Song of the Week -

Games Without Frontiers - Peter Gabriel

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