Sunday, 29 November 2020

This Week - 29/11/2020

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This week has just been super stressful. We had the interview process for the new headteacher for Maendy Primary School, plus an emergency school closure due to coronavirus - nothing helps you remain calm and professional for long virtual meetings like a five year old poking you in the ribs and hissing 'MUM' every 10 seconds - and a bunch of other meetings on various topics. The main problem is that my anxiety has been through the roof, magnifying everything into a major crisis.

I had a telephone appointment with the doctor mid-week, so they upped my medication to the maximum dose. Hopefully it will help.

We put the Christmas tree up yesterday and today I promised Marianna her elf on the shelf would be arriving. So of course I can't find it. I've turned the spare room upside down to no avail so we've had to use the 'stuck in the TV' trick and order a new one on Amazon while Santa attempts to free him... (Anthony went in every shop in town but no joy.) 

At least the school is open again tomorrow. 

On the blog I posted a guide to Yaboom's Westlife dolls, Anthony's Christmas Gift Guide, a Friday Five looking at the Shroud of Turin, and a Mini Mart review. The new Tots100 scores came out and I fell from #40 to #129. It seems symbolic of this entire week to be honest!

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What The Hell - Avril Lavigne

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